Why Us

Accountability Rating

Lancaster ISD is proud to report that the district has received a B" rating from the Texas Education Agency. The overall district score is 88, seven points higher than its 2019 rating. The Lancaster ISD performance score is the highest out of the Best Southwest school districts and one of the top scores in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Safety & Security

Lancaster ISD remains vigilant in providing students and employees with a safe and secure learning environment. The district's police department consists of nine commissioned police officers trained for crisis response, and the district safety management team conducts thorough safety and security audits at all district buildings throughout the school year.

Join Our Team!

Lancaster ISD is home to some of the most dedicated education professionals in the State of Texas. The district is also the highest paying district for new teachers among the Best Southwest districts.

Career & Technical Education

The district's Career & Technical Education program offers a variety of courses that provide the education and skills needed to obtain in-demand jobs. Lancaster High School students obtained more than 700 industry-based certifications through these courses.


In addition to achieving success in the classroom, Lancaster ISD student-athletes make a difference in their athletic endeavors in the high school sports world. The district's athletic program is one of the most recognized and respected programs in the state.

Advanced Academics

Lancaster ISD aims to prepare all students for life after graduation. The district offers opportunities for the students to earn college credits through Advanced Placement courses. Students at Lancaster STEM Early College High School can graduate with an associate's degree.

STEM to STEAM Education

Lancaster ISD is the first K-12 STEM district in the state and remains a leader in STEM education. The district has enhanced its STEM structure to include the arts and set the expectation that students will leave Lancaster ISD STEAM-literate.

Fine Arts

The Lancaster ISD Fine Arts Program allows students to successfully reach their academic and creative potential in a diverse society while fostering a life-long appreciation and involvement in the arts.


Lancaster ISD proudly boasts a 100% graduation rate. Lancaster High School graduates also earned more than $19 million in grants and scholarships and maintained a 96% college acceptance or military entrance rate .

College Savings Plan

Lancaster ISD has partnered with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to establish the Dollars for College Savings Plan for all Pre-K through fifth-grade students in the district. The program provides a safe and easy way for parents to open a my529 children's savings account for college. Parents can open a my529 account with $50 seed money from Lancaster ISD.