Lancaster ISD teachers travel to Uvalde to share love and support


The Uvalde tragedy has impacted people across the nation and motivated many to show their support in different ways. That motivation and support came from Lancaster ISD in the form of four Pleasant Run Elementary educators who traveled to Uvalde, Texas, after seeing the outpouring of love and support.

Earlier this month, Asmaou Malone, Davetta Garrett, Ta’Sheda Dunklin, and Tionna Fields visited Robb Elementary to share their love and support for the school and Uvalde community. 

“I felt a sense of urgency to go to Uvalde and stand with their community,” said Malone. “We wanted to be a shoulder for the teachers, administrators, students, or anyone affected to lean on.”

The four teachers drove to Uvalde and paid their respects to the victims at the memorial site.

“It was important for us to make the connection with the people we met while in Uvalde,” said Garett. “When I saw the memorial, I felt an overwhelming sense of empathy and sympathy for the community.”

The teachers also met with Robb Elementary assistant principal Shawna Wolbert.

“It was humbling to see Mrs. Wolbert standing resolute in the library and trying to make the best of the situation,” said Dunklin. “Despite everything, she was still showing up for her community and trying to offer comfort and understanding in the best ways possible.” 

The Pleasant Run educators provided words of comfort and expressed support on behalf of the Lancaster ISD school board, superintendent, and the entire Lancaster ISD community. 

“We could tell the Uvalde community appreciated us being there,” said Fields. “Assistant Principal Wolbert shared with us that the gathering we attended was the first time the community had been able to come together for something that wasn’t a funeral. The library had a bounce house, games, food, and more activities. The community was able to laugh and find a little bit of joy. We’re thankful to have been a part of that day.”

Malone says it was a five-hour drive to Uvalde, but every mile was worth it.

“We would have driven ten hours to get to Uvalde if it meant supporting a community working through their grief. We connected with Uvalde, and we were happy to be there to stand in solidarity.”


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