STAAR test results are now available for parents to view on the Texas Education Agency Assessment Portal. The STAAR is one of many ways to measure student learning. Teachers will use STAAR results along with other information to co-create learning plans with families to jumpstart learning next year.  

You can now access your child’s STAAR results by logging in to You will use the unique access code (instructions below) and enter it on the Texas Assessment homepage. This will take you directly to your child’s STAAR results, including detailed breakdowns in each subject, identifying your child’s strengths and areas where they may need additional support. Parents have the option to access practice tests and other easy-to-use resources here. These can be used at home over the summer to focus on the skills your child needs to improve their academic performance. 

Use this information along with your own observations from the past year and your child’s grades to create a learning plan with teachers in the fall to help your child succeed.   

On the Assessment Data Portal, you will use your student's Unique Access Code and your student's date of birth to access testing history, including STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS assessments, where applicable.

Please note that the Unique Access Code is designed to stay with your student throughout his/her academic career. Additional information regarding the student portal can also be found by visiting the TEA website. 

Click here to access the Texas Assessment Data Portal

texas assessment photo with a student in a library similling