Worker's Compensation Page

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is a State-Regulated Insurance Program that:

  • Pays reasonable medical costs if you are injured on the job

  • May pay income benefits to replace part of the wages you lose because of an on-the-job injury

  • Pays income benefits if you have a permanent impairment from an on-the-job injury and

  • Pays death benefits to your legal beneficiaries if you are killed on the job

Workers' compensation will replace 70% of an employee's lost wages, based on an hourly rate, if the injury or illness causes the employee to lose all of his/her income for more than seven days. An employee becomes eligible for Temporary Income Benefits (TIBS) on the eighth day that a work-related injury or illness causes the employee to lose all of his/her usual pay.

An employee shall report an on-the-job injury to his/her supervisor by the conclusion of the workday. The affected school or department must report all on-the-job injuries and/or work-related illnesses to the Human Resources Department 972-218-1400 within 24 hours.

Except in an emergency, injured employees are required to choose a doctor from the Alliance Treating Doctor List

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the Worker's Compensation program, contact the Human Resources Department using the contact information below.