Dr Perera at podium

October 12, 2023 LANCASTER, Texas --Lancaster Independent School District (LISD), in partnership with the Inland Port Area Chamber of Commerce, hosted its State of the District event, featuring student performances and emphasizing success, achievement, and innovations, under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Katrise Perera.

The event featured Lancaster High School seniors Gabrielle Hairston and Joshua Mitchell as emcees. The students led the district presentation, shared their experiences as students, and expressed appreciation for the community's interest in and support of LISD.

The program also included the LHS JROTC, the Lancaster High School Choir, and a showcase of student STEM projects. Additionally, Lancaster ISD highlighted its innovative initiatives, including addressing the national teacher shortage through virtual teaching and recognizing the Power Up Ambassador program's success.

Dr. Perera's keynote address emphasized LISD's commitment to educational excellence and praised her leadership team and district educators for their hard work and dedication to student success. She shared district accountability data that showcased academic growth in grades three through eight, her passion for sharing there is a critical need for funding for Texas public schools, and she expressed how the state's accountability test doesn't truly represent student achievement in Lancaster ISD.

"I walk the campuses each week, and can tell you that a state assessment's snapshot in time can in no way fully capture the essence of what our educators truly do each day and how our students are growing academically," she shared. "In the face of ever-changing testing requirements and the disappointing lack of adequate funding for our students, I want to take a moment to remind everyone how truly remarkable and resilient our employees and students are. Our educators' dedication to educating our future generations speaks volumes about the unwavering passion that burns within them."

The event also celebrated Lancaster ISD's outstanding educators, including Sierra Manning, Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Mr. James Spiller, Secondary Teacher of the Year. Manning stressed the importance of inspiration, empowerment, and compassion in teaching, while Mr. Spiller moved the audience with a powerful poem, "What Teachers Make," stressing the profound impact educators have on students' lives.

The State of the District event showcased Lancaster ISD's dedication to providing quality education and innovative solutions while recognizing the contributions of outstanding educators. The event concluded with gratitude for community support and encouragement for the City of Lancaster residents to learn more about the Lancaster ISD VATRE and participate in the upcoming election on November 7th.