Students pose in graduation regalia

May 17, 2023

LANCASTER, Texas -- Class of 2023 seniors took a trip down memory lane as they participated in the first-ever senior walk. The tradition brings the graduating seniors to their former elementary and middle school campuses, allowing them to walk down the hallway and receive congratulations, encouragement, and a visual reminder of how far they have come on their academic journey. 

The high school administration and the district communications department organized the campus visits to encourage students to reminisce about their younger years and to inspire them to continue working hard towards their future goals. Many seniors were excited to see how their old schools had changed since they left, and some were surprised to find that some things remained the same.

“I loved returning and seeing my former teachers,” said senior Eddie Esparza. “It was great to walk the hallways again and see the students cheering us on.”

For some students, the visits were emotional and nostalgic, as they were able to reconnect with former teachers and staff who had played important roles in their lives. They shared stories and caught up on how they had been doing since they last saw each other. Students and their former teachers shared many hugs throughout the senior walk and exchanged happy memories.

Seeing the seniors walk the halls in their graduation regalia inspired the younger students. 

“It makes me hopeful for the future,” said Lisa Williams, an eighth grader at Lancaster Middle School. “Now I’m looking forward to returning to visit LMS when I’m a senior and remembering the good times. I can’t wait to feel the excitement the seniors are feeling right now.”

The seniors started their walk at George W. Carver 6th Grade Center. Then they visited Lancaster Middle School and the Barack and Michelle Obama 9th Grade Campus. Afterward, the seniors were split into three groups to visit their former elementary school campuses. 

“Organizing the senior walk event was a vision of our superintendent, Dr. Perera, and it’s an honor to begin this tradition in Lancaster ISD,” Lancaster ISD Chief of Communications Kimberly Simpson said. “The senior walk connects our younger students to the excitement of the graduation season while allowing our seniors to connect with the educators who inspired and encouraged them throughout their educational journey in Lancaster ISD. It’s a special event I hope the students and staff will cherish forever.”

Following the inaugural senior walk, the seniors enjoyed an outdoor barbeque at Lancaster High School. Students ate burgers and hot dogs, danced popular line dances, and had a blast enjoying the last few days of high school. 

Overall, the visits were successful and allowed the seniors to reflect on their growth and accomplishments. It reminded them of the hard work, discipline, and dedication that has led them to where they are today. Lancaster High School plans to continue organizing senior walks for each graduating class to keep inspiring future generations of students.

The senior Class of 2023 will graduate on Wednesday, May 24, at 6 p.m. at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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