Lancaster High School Choir Students pose with UIL awards

April 19, 2023

LANCASTER, Texas --  The Lancaster High School Choral Department made history last week as they took home the top honors in all three categories at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Varsity Sweepstakes competition. The Varsity Mixed, Varsity Mens, and Varsity Womens choirs all earned Superior ratings in Concert and Sight Reading, making them 3 for 3 in their hunt for the top award.

The two-day contest served as the choir's End of Course (EOC) exam, where students were challenged to read unfamiliar bodies of work and perform the song on site in front of a panel of judges. The competition tested their content knowledge and reading skills, which the choir proved to be superior.

Not only did the Lancaster High School choirs excel in the sight-reading portion of the contest, but they also were able to #TigerUp on stage. In addition, the choirs were rated on their vocal performance of songs in Hebrew, Italian, and English, showcasing their versatility and mastery of multiple languages.

"It’s an incredible achievement for our choral department to earn this coveted achievement in all three categories in the Varsity Sweepstakes competition," said Stacey Lotten, the Fine Arts Director at Lancaster ISD. "Our students have worked tirelessly, and their hard work has truly paid off. They have made our school and community proud."

The Lancaster High School choral department has a long history of excellence and has consistently earned top honors in various competitions. However, this year's sweepstakes win is a historical moment and a testament to the students' dedication and talent and the choir director's leadership.

“It feels amazing to have accomplished this feat,” said LHS Choir Director Cornelius Roberson. “The students have put in the hard work and are being rewarded for their efforts. The students have been putting in hours after school several times a week to ensure they were prepared for the competition. It’s been a fun challenge, and they saw it through to the end. I’m incredibly proud of them.”

The Lancaster High School choral department's sweepstakes win is a remarkable achievement and a source of pride for the entire community. Their dedication and hard work have set the bar high, and they have shown that with determination, anything is possible. Congratulations to the Lancaster High School choral department on their impressive accomplishment!