Firefighters walking with student

October 25, 2022

At some point, all students will learn about force and motion…BUT... in Lancaster ISD, our students will remember their lesson on force and motion as an out-of-the-classroom experience! The Lancaster Middle School eighth-grade students began their force and motion unit with a crash scene investigation this morning. This project included students from different high school departments, including CTE, fine arts, and journalism. In addition, the STEM experience is one for the books as students will continue their lesson to identify who is at fault based on the evidence gathered at the scene. They will use scientific principles of force and motion to explain how the evidence supports their claim. The lesson will also connect the real-life experience to STEM Careers and allow students to practice writing across the contents.

Thank you to the Lancaster ISD Police Department, the City of Lancaster, the Lancaster Police Department, the Lancaster Fire Department, and the Dallas County Sheriff's Department for supporting this unique approach to learning.