The development of the Lancaster ISD academic calendar is a collaborative process managed by the Lancaster ISD Instructional Services team. The district calendar committee, consisting of members who served on the District Improvement Committee, Lancaster ISD teachers, staff, parents, and community members, provide valuable input and suggestions to develop the calendar before approval by the Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees. In addition, our district is providing an FAQ to clarify important calendar dates and answer frequently asked questions regarding the academic calendar. Lancaster ISD values feedback from all stakeholders and encourage you to take the time to review all information and complete the academic calendar survey.

How do I provide input on the proposed 2023-2024 academic calendars?

Click HERE to take the survey for the proposed 2023-2024 academic calendar.

Our district is sharing  FAQs to provide clarity on important calendar dates and answer frequently asked questions regarding the academic calendar.


Why do we have to review an academic calendar each year?

As we make the academic plans for our district, we aim to provide a calendar for employees, parents, and students to prepare for the upcoming school year. We understand that to make solid preparations, the academic calendar is essential. Therefore, Lancaster ISD proposes keeping the same calendar format for the next three years with minor changes if needed. As you review this year’s calendar information, keep in mind that it will remain the same until the 2025-2026 school year. 

When is the first and last day of school for the 2023-2024 school year?

With the current proposed calendars, option A and B have August 14 slated for the first day of school and May 30, 2024 as the last day for all Lancaster ISD students.

What are the school start/end times?

Lancaster ISD school start and end times are as follows:

Pre-K 3 Only (Beltline Elementary)

  • Pre-K 3 start and end times are divided into morning and afternoon:

  • The morning session will begin at 8:00 am-11:30 am

  • The afternoon session will begin at 11:45 am-3:20 pm

Elementary School

Beltline Elementary School, Houston Elementary School, Pleasant Run Elementary School, Rolling Hills Elementary School, Rosa Parks-Millbrook Elementary School, West Main Elementary School 

  • Start Time: 8:00 am

  • Dismissal: 3:50 pm

Middle and High School

George Washington Carver 6th Grade STEM Learning Center, Elsie Robertson Lancaster STEM Middle School, Barack and Michelle Obama Ninth Grade Campus, Lancaster STEM High School, Lancaster STEM Early College High School, J.D. Hall STEM Learning Center

  • Start Time: 7:30 am

  • Dismissal: 3:20 pm

What are the early release times for Lancaster ISD?

All Lancaster ISD secondary campuses release at 12pm on our scheduled early release dates. All Lancaster ISD elementary campuses release at 1pm on our scheduled early release dates.

How many instructional days are required in the academic calendar?

Lancaster ISD must operate so that it provides 75,600 minutes of instruction, including intermissions and recesses for students. 

What is the purpose of professional learning days?

The purpose of professional learning days is to strengthen educators’ performance levels so that they can enhance their performance and raise student achievement. Our calendar committee proposed to disperse professional learning days throughout the district calendar to allow our teachers to complete state-required professional development, lesson planning, and collaborate and focus on a process that supports teachers' continued education and growth.

What is a student independent learning day?

Student Independent Learning days will take advantage of our student’s ability to learn virtually and participate in online assignments, interactive learning challenges, or assignments given to students prior to the independent learning day. Campuses have the opportunity to be creative to facilitate learning and allow students to work at their own pace from home or other non-school locations.

What will happen on the scheduled three Professional Learning Days/Student Independent Learning Days that are built into the calendar B option?

Professional learning days provide many benefits to our districts. Specifically, they are days built in for teachers and students to expand their learning. Professional learning days allow for teachers to have learning opportunities and collaborative lesson planning time built into the academic calendar. Educators will also be able to utilize the time to input grades, finalize final exams or semester grades, and work together toward a common goal that’s important to their particular subject or campus. In addition, our goal is to take advantage of our district’s ability to capitalize on independent learning days for all students. As we prepare to reach our academic goals for the districts, all campuses will plan ahead for independent learning days. These days will be filled with interactive learning activities. Teachers will post class assignments online or provide the information ahead of time so students can work at their own pace from home or other non-school locations.

Will a teacher workday/student holiday be a required independent learning day for my student?

Days listed as student holidays will not require students to work independently from home. 

Do bad weather days affect the calendar?

The district's calendar committee intentionally creates the academic calendar with additional instructional minutes than the Texas Education Agency requires. This proactive approach to developing the district calendar allows Lancaster ISD flexibility during natural disasters or inclement weather. Furthermore, the district prioritizes the instructional day and its importance for student development. If there is any change to the district calendar, that information will be communicated directly with all district stakeholders. 

Can Lancaster ISD change or update the academic calendar after its approval or the start of the school year?

Lancaster ISD can update or change the academic calendar at any time to adhere to any academic calendar changes made by the Texas Education Agency. The district also has the option to add minutes to days remaining in the school year to make up for an unplanned event that may cause the school to close during the school year or pivot to the virtual learning option. 

If there are any changes to the academic calendar, how will I be notified?

The district's academic calendar page always contains the most recent information regarding the academic calendar. The Lancaster ISD Communications Department will also share updated information via Parent Link Messenger, the district website, and district social media pages. 

Were there any community meetings held to discuss the calendar options?

On Wednesday, February 15, Lancaster ISD held a Calendar Committee meeting to discuss the different calendar options. Please click the video below to see the entire meeting.