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The Lancaster High School Counseling Department

"Counselors of Distinction"

The Lancaster High School Counseling Department provides a comprehensive developmental guidance program as framed through the American School Counselor Association's (ASCA) National Model.  The LHS counseling team is committed to the development and excellence of the whole student (academic achievement, career development, social and personal development).  Our counseling team implements a comprehensive school counseling program by providing classroom guidance, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.   Our commitment to student excellence is a family affair which includes the collaboration, input, and solutions of all stakeholders - students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community.  The counselors are resources and serve as channels to assist students with future discovery. We are here to enhance student learning experiences, personal development, and awareness.  The LHS Counseling Department strives for our students to be prepared and successful during their post-secondary life in college and career while contributing to our 21st-century world.  


 How Do the LHS Counselors Assist Our Students

Academic Achievement 

Academic Counseling

Course Selections

4 Year Plan Development

Graduations Requirements

Study Skills

Higher Education Options

Decision Making, Goal Setting, Planning & Problem-Solving Skills

Test Data Interpretation

 Career Development

Career Opportunity Awareness

Career Planning

Technical Training Awareness

Positive Work Habits

Communication Skills

 Personal and Social Development

Character Development

Self-Esteem Development

Interpersonal Relationships

Bullying Prevention

Abuse and Neglect Issues

Anger Management

Crisis Interventions

Stress Management

Physical/Sexual/Emotional Abuse

Suicide Prevention

Substance Abuse

Family Issues

Grief/Loss and Death

Sexuality Issues

 Community/Parent Involvement

 Parent Conferences

Parent Information

Parent Meetings

Community Outreach

Public Relations