Counselor's Corner

"Counselor of Distinction"

The  Barack & Michelle Obama 9th Grade Campus Counseling Department provides a comprehensive, developmental guidance program as framed through the American School Counselor Association's (ASCA) National Model by providing classroom guidance, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support. The 9th-grade counselor is committed to cultivating students' social & personal well-being, academic achievement, college readiness, and career development. 

"My purpose is to provide students with psychological, educational and vocational tools that may enhance their inner awareness and personal growth. My goal is to develop meaningful relationships with students, parents, staff and community stakeholders in order to promote student success and excellence. Together we can frame the foundation that has already been laid as our students enhance the blueprints of their lives."

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

-Frederick Douglass