Counselor's Corner

LMS Counselors' Corner

As LMS counselors, we assist students of all academic and social levels. We advocate for students and work with other individuals and organizations to promote the academic, career, personal, and social development of children and youth. We help students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents, and personalities to develop realistic academic and career goals. Part of our duties involve using interviews, counseling sessions, interest, and aptitude assessment tests, and other methods to evaluate and advise students. We also operate career information centers and career education programs. Lancaster Middle School counselors work with students who have academic and social development problems or other special needs.

We attempt to try at all levels to help students to understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal problems. As counselors, we emphasize preventive and developmental counseling to enhance students' personal, social, and academic growth and to provide students with the life skills needed to deal with problems before they worsen. We also provide special services, including alcohol and drug prevention programs and conflict resolution classes. Identifying cases of domestic abuse and other family problems that can affect a student's development is another piece of our duty.

Another responsibility we try and provide is to interact with students individually, in small groups, or as an entire class. We consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, medical professionals, and social workers to develop and implement strategies to help students succeed.


If you or your child has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 972-218-1660.