Upcoming Events and Announcements

Upcoming Events and Announcements


November 8th End of Six Weeks

November 8th 2nd Grade PBL Launch Field Trip

November 9th SWEATT Dallas Dance Festival

November 11th Veterans Day Celebration at 8:00 am (Please Contact Mrs. Gray to RSVP at 972-218-1551)

November 12th PTA Meeting/Program at 6:00 PM

November 13th Boy Scouts Meeting

November 15th Dance Field Trip to Booker T. Washington

November 18th 5th Grade Field Trip

November 18th Class Pictures and Picture Retakes (Uniform Required)

November 21st Thanksgiving Dinner Adults $3.50 Children $2.40

November 21st 3rd through 5th grade Reunification Drill

November 25th through November 29th Thanksgiving Break