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Lancaster ISD Updates Student Handbook and Dress Code Policy

During its July 26 meeting, the Lancaster Independent School District Board of Trustees approved revisions to the 2022-2023 student handbook and the district’s dress code policy. The single update to the dress code policy is the addition of blue or black jeans or jean shorts, without holes, rips, or tears, as appropriate attire for all students.

The addition of jeans as appropriate attire will allow students to expand their dress code options, which were previously limited to blue, black, or tan khakis.

Students will still be required to wear specific attire in designated colors determined by grade level. The 2022-2023 dress code is located inside the Lancaster ISD Student Handbooks and can be reviewed here

Additional updates to the Lancaster ISD Student Handbook include:

  • The reduction in student parking permit cost to $15
  • The implementation of a cell phone policy retrieval fee of $15
  • A one-time technology device maintenance fee of $20 for students who will check out a device for home use. 

Lancaster ISD students and parents will be required to electronically sign a statement that says they’ve read and understood the policies outlined in the handbook during the first week of school. To review the district’s student handbook in its entirety, please click here


2022-2023 Lancaster ISD Dress Code Policy
2022-2023 Student Handbook