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Tiger2Tiger Connection Partnership Creates New Opportunities for Lancaster ISD

For several years, Lancaster ISD has been a leader in college and career readiness and ensuring that all students are a success. That leadership has fostered a culture of providing students with several choices and opportunities that allow scholars to graduate with more than a diploma. Today, 224 Lancaster High School seniors were able to add to their list of college choices and opportunities with help from a local historically black college, Paul Quinn College.

As the 150th-anniversary convocation celebration for Paul Quinn College commenced, President Dr. Michael Sorrell announced that every Lancaster High School senior in attendance would automatically receive acceptance into Paul Quinn College for the 2022-2023 school year. In addition, the newly-accepted students can select two family members to enroll with them and pursue their degrees in the fall. 

The announcement marked Lancaster ISD and Paul Quinn College’s new Tiger2Tiger Partnership, which aims to provide opportunities for students from both campuses.

 “This surprise announcement is an excellent opportunity for the students of Lancaster ISD,” said Superintendent Dr. Katrise Perera. “We appreciate Paul Quinn College and President Sorrell’s leadership to make college acceptance an accessible reality. On behalf of the Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees and our entire district, I thank President Sorrell for his leadership and willingness to solidify our Tiger2Tiger partnership with such a generous gesture of college acceptance for Lancaster ISD students.” 

Paul Quinn College President, Dr. Michael Sorrell, shared the same sentiments.

“The most important thing about establishing this partnership is helping our students understand that we are all part of the same community,” Sorrell explained. “Lancaster students have a home here in Paul Quinn. There are people who come from where they come from and look like them. They are invested and dedicated to helping them succeed.”

During their campus visit, LHS seniors toured Paul Quinn College, learned about its rich history, and had the opportunity to dine in the campus dining hall for lunch. They also learned they were chosen for the inaugural acceptance program due to maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher. 

For senior Kantavia Coleman, the news of the automatic acceptance was a big surprise and a welcome relief.

“I grew up in the area near Paul Quinn College, so I’ve been familiar with the campus for many years,” said Coleman. “I actually applied to Paul Quinn earlier this week, so I’m excited about this announcement. Once they said we could bring two family members or friends, I already knew who I wanted to ask to join me. This partnership will have a positive impact on so many lives.”

Rising LHS seniors will be accepted to Paul Quinn for the foreseeable future. In addition, the Tiger2Tiger partnership will continue to expand and create additional paths to success for both the Lancaster ISD Tigers and the Paul Quinn Tigers. New program initiatives will begin in the fall of 2022.


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