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District launches innovative way to meet student needs through Student Success Agency partnership

To provide students with an additional resource to assist with learning and development, Lancaster ISD has partnered with the Student Success Agency. The Student Success Agency (SSA) offers students the opportunity to have a personal success agent available anytime, anywhere. The agent will help students by providing tutoring, mentoring, and advising whenever they need it. 

“Part of our charge is to redefine what access and equity mean for our students. SSA provides an opportunity for our students to have access to an adult that can advocate for them academically, socially and personally,” said Dr. Cassandra Barker, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services.

The agents will be available for Lancaster ISD eighth and ninth-grade students. Barker says the agents will be especially helpful for the students ahead of STAAR testing and course selection for next school year. During the SSA kickoff at Lancaster Middle School and Barack and Michelle Obama ninth grade campus, students expressed their eagerness about being a part of the program.

“I’m excited to get to talk to somebody who will understand me and help me through school because our work is getting more rigorous,” said eighth-grade student Christiana Awolumate.

“I like how we’re going to be able to have an agent,” said eighth-grader Izayah Lee. “We learned that success agents are not just for kids that are in sports or celebrities, but for young kids like us. I’m excited about the opportunity to get a new mentor.”

Within the Student Success Agency program, individuals act as the student’s main facilitator by connecting them with an agent that can assist with their individual needs. Students will have the opportunity to have different agents provide support in different subjects, as well as career advice and mentoring. 

“A student’s main agent plays as a kind of facilitator point guard, making sure they have a great experience on our platform and exposure to mentors,” Student Success Agency CEO, E.J. Carrion explained. 

The Student Success Agency program comes at no cost to families within the district, allowing students to connect with their agents and get support when it’s most needed. The program will also help students with social emotional learning and mental health guidance, postsecondary success, and career pathways.

“I think having an agent is a good start for what we want to do in our career,” said ninth-grade student Luchiano McMillian. 

Lancaster ISD will determine how students are progressing with the program by monitoring engagement and academic performance throughout the remainder of the school year. 


Student Success Agency Kickoff