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Coach Gilbert THSCA Induction

Chris Gilbert Induction

Lancaster’s very own Coach Chris Gilbert was inducted into the THSCA (Texas High School Coaches Association) as a director, a position formerly held by Greg Williams. The organization’s goal is simple and it aligns with Gilbert’s personal beliefs, to help coaches to help kids. The association is the principle advocate and leadership organization for Texas high school coaches. They provide the highest quality representation, education, and services to Texas high school coaches and affiliate members; they also enhance the professionalism of coaches and the schools they represent. 

Gilbert has been affiliated with the organization for a number of years. He served as an advisory board member which allowed him to work with such legendary coaches as Joe Martin and Glen West. During this time, he learned the importance of not only serving students but assisting coaches through continuous education and professional development. He is proud that the organization supports public education and lobbies for legislation to sustain athletics in public education. He is also eager to continue to build relationships within the region to promote the organization and membership.

As Gilbert reflects on his position, he realizes that this was made possible by several influential coaches he was fortunate enough to cross paths with. One that comes to mind is Coach Peters, his high school head football coach. He fondly recalls that Peters treated him like a son. He admired Peters’ style so much that he modeled his career and coaching style after him in his early years. He later developed his own style with the influence of Coach Humphrey, Coach Greg Williams, and Coach Douglas. 

This coaching style led him to earn the title of the All-Time Winningest Coach in Lancaster’s history with fifty-nine wins. When asked how he achieved this, he credits the pillars of his team which is known as D.I.ME. or discipline, investment, mental toughness, and extra effort. These key components will help students excel in football and outside of football. Gilbert consistently tells his players that football mirrors life as he works to motivate them through building relationships. Even in their losses, he finds success as he informs his team that they are either ‘’winning or learning.’’

When he asked where he hopes to be at this time next year, he laughs and says that every coach has the same goal, to be defending state champions while reflecting on how much fun it was to earn the title. Even though winning is his goal, he wants to continue to help players achieve their greatest potential on and off the field and support the culture of athletics. To put it simply, he will continue to help coaches help kids.