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2020 Black History Bowl

Black History Bowl 

The district will host its Annual Black History Bowl on Saturday, February 29th. The bowl began as a way for students to display their knowledge about African-American history aside from what is taught in their classes by answering trivia questions. Since then, the bowl has grown to be a highly anticipated district-wide event that encompasses speakers, entertainment as well as art and oratory contests. 

In preparation for the bowl, students are assigned teams, and they study tirelessly for the event. Teachers, parents, and bowl sponsors are amazed by the passion and commitment students have for this vital part of American history as students use lunch and recess to ensure they are prepared for the bowl. Their dedication is not limited to school, but they also spend much of their free time getting together outside of school to study. Their hard work is evident, as many students are able to respond before the announcer finishes reading the question. 

The event does not just consist of trivia questions, but it explores other avenues for students to display their knowledge of African-American history, including an art contest, an essay contest, and an oratory contest. Students also spend countless hours outside of school creatively designing art and revising essays to represent the year’s theme for the bowl. Members of the district choir also perform throughout the bowl. 

The bowl allows students to learn more about African-American history in a fun, competitive way, but just as importantly, they learn about collaboration, perseverance, and make long-lasting friendships.


Black History Bowl Poster