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Lancaster ISD Principals Honored with Surprise Principals Month Luncheon

It’s no secret that principals do a lot of work on their campus. They are the school leader, the face of the campus, and the go-to person when things must get done. The principalship role is a critical piece to district success, which is why Lancaster ISD is celebrating the hard work and dedication of its 12 principals in honor of National Principals Month.

Dr. Perera Crown LMS Principal“National Principals Month reminds us that our principals are selflessly dedicated, courageous, and work tirelessly to ensure a positive environment that enhances student and staff success,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Katrise Perera explained. “I value prioritizing time to honor and recognize their contributions to the success of our students, teachers, and our learning community. I commend each of our campus leaders, and I am proud to celebrate National Principals Month in their honor.”

The district leadership team scheduled a celebratory luncheon disguised as a mandatory meeting to celebrate National Principals Month. The principals thought they were slated to attend a rigorous compliance training; however, in actuality, the meeting was a celebration luncheon in honor of the campus leaders.

“It’s still somewhat surreal, and I do feel appreciated,” Rosa Parks Millbrook Principal Yvonne Thornton expressed as she reflected on the surprise luncheon. “All of the activities were very thoughtful and well-planned, which made our celebration that much more special.”

Rolling Hills Elementary Principal Cherish Pipkins shared the same sentiments.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be surprised with a celebration when you think you’re attending a compliance meeting,” Pipkins said. “District leadership was so thoughtful in our principal appreciation events. Everything was executed with intention, from personalized videos and photos, lunch, games, massages, a photo booth, yard signs, and treats. The principals of Lancaster ISD felt the love!”

To add to the surprise, while campus principals thoroughly enjoyed participating in different activities during their lunch celebration, members of the district leadership team assumed the role of campus principal at each campus for the remainder of the afternoon. That gesture allowed the campus principals to enjoy a rare lunchtime break without interruptions and watch a video tribute featuring students from each school.

“Today meant so much to me. As administrators, we are so focused on ensuring everyone else is okay and feels appreciated that we forget to stop and take time for ourselves. Today, we were given time for ourselves, and it was great,” West Main Elementary Principal Gail Wright said. “Today, everything was beautiful, and I was pleasantly surprised and felt more appreciated than ever.”

In addition to a catered lunch from Olive Garden, the principals received a personalized principal mug, Nothing Bundt Cakes, chair massages, and a gift basket full of their favorite snacks and candy.

Lancaster Middle School Principal Willisa House-Sassa participated in each activity and enjoyed the experience with her colleagues.

“I truly felt appreciated, and I want to thank everyone that took the time to shower the Lancaster ISD principals with love,” She said. “I will never forget this day.”