Lancaster ISD will offer face-to-face summer learning opportunities for students in grades Kindergarten through 12th. Lancaster ISD will also provide options for students in special programs (i.e. special education & bilingual). Summer programming will provide students with engaging hands-on accelerated instructional experiences. The goal of summer programs are to provide students with extended learning time in order to mitigate learning gaps, thus improving student academic success. All summer programming will provide transportation for eligible students. Please indicate on the registration form whether your student requires transportation. 

June Summer Learning

  • Bilingual Camp (PK–1st grades)

  • STEAM Tiger Camp (3rd–8th grades)

  • CodeHER STEM Camp (6th–8th girls)

  • AccelerateHER STEM Camp (9th–12th girls)

  • STAAR Boot Camp (9th–12th grades)

  • TSIA2 Boot Camp (9th–11th grades)

  • Credit Recovery (9th–11th grades)

July & August Summer Learning

  • Bridge Up Program (Kinder-6th grades)