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Elementary Reopening 2020

  • Learning Options for Elementary Students

    Lancaster ISD families will select from two options for their children. We will communicate more information about the provided two options during our parent forums in July. 

    • Option 1 Online eLearning:  I would like for my child to engage in online eLearning for the 1st six-weeks while I monitor the coronavirus situation, and I will make a decision about face-to-face learning after I have had an opportunity to assess the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it is having on staff and students in schools.  I further understand that my child will remain in an online eLearning environment for the entire 1st six-weeks grading period.  My child may attend face-to-face learning at the start of the 2nd six-weeks grading period, if I so choose. If my child is enrolled in intermediate, middle or high school classes such as Cosmetology, Welding, certain face-to-face dual credit courses, dance, cheer, athletics and/or band, my child will have an option to attend those classes face-to-face, if offered. Note: UIL rules will govern participation in athletics and band.  


    • Option 2 Face-to-Face: I would like for my child to attend school face-to-face.  In addition, I understand my child may be placed on eLearning for various periods of time as the district addresses positive coronavirus cases among the staff and student body throughout the school year.

    Please note the guidelines below: 

    • If the online learning option is selected, the student will remain in online learning for the six-weeks grading period.
    • Parents have the option to transfer their student from face-to-face instruction to online instruction at any time.
    • New out of district enrolling students who select eLearning must provide their own device.
  • Teachers and Instructional Leaders:

    • All staff members, regardless of grade level, will report to their campuses daily to utilize internet and instructional materials to lead face-to-face learning or virtual eLearning classroom instruction. 

    Face-to-Face Instruction:

    Schedules and assignments may be adjusted as needed based on safety considerations.  There will be integrated social and emotional learning as well as standards-based curriculum and assessments. Teachers will encourage student engagement through best practices and an expanded use of technology while following social distance guidelines. Interventions and enrichment activities to accommodate all learning styles will also be utilized.

    Virtual eLearning Instruction:

    We are committed to providing all students with access to high-quality grade-level instruction. Students who select virtual school will be required to attend and participate in class daily during regular school hours, and instruction will be led by a teacher. For students who have chosen the virtual option, they will remain enrolled at their school and will retain their seats at their current campus. Schools will continue to be staffed based upon student enrollment. Staffing for online learning will be determined by enrollment and student course selections.

    Virtual school this year will be a full course load of instruction and assignments that is comparable to what students who are attending school face-to-face will be required to complete.

    Teachers delivering virtual instruction will receive additional training and support in digital teaching strategies and using online curriculum for virtual school. 

    Additionally, students who select online instruction may participate in extracurricular activities if they meet all UIL requirements, are enrolled in the extracurricular course section, and are able to attend on-campus practices and competitions. 

    If you select virtual eLearning, you must provide your own transportation for all selected face-to-face learning options the student chooses to participate in.   

    Grading Guidelines

    The grading guidelines for both face-to-face and virtual eLearning will be the same. Please click here to view the district handbook policy regarding grades.

    Special Education Students

    Every student with a disability is entitled to a free and appropriate public education and is entitled to special education services based on their individualized education program (IEP).  Teachers will continue to utilize evidence-based practices, including differentiated instruction, using curriculum aligned to district and state standards. During the student’s annual ARD, compensatory services will be considered and addressed based on the individual student’s needs. We will work together to continue to enhance the learning experience for our students who receive special education services.

    Strategies for Prevention

    • Masks and face shields will be provided for students and staff.
    • The wearing of face shields and face maskes will be required (pre-K-12).
    • Students and staff will utilize handwashing and sanitation stations throughout the school day. Click here to view a handwashing video for elementary students and click here to view a video for secondary students. 
    • Include messages (e.g., videos) about behaviors that prevent the spread of COVID-19 when communicating with staff and families (such as on school websites, in emails, and on school social media accounts). 
    • Daily pre-operational health screenings will occur on all campuses.
    • District-wide sanitation practices will occur daily.
    • Take advantage of every opportunity to practice social distancing when necessary.
    • Good hygiene practices will be integrated throughout the day. 
    • All outside deliveries for parties and celebrations are strictly prohibited, including parent drop-offs (i.e. birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.).
    • All outside food deliveries, including parent drop-offs, will be prohibited.  If a student is not eating the school lunch, he/she must bring his/her lunch with them to school at the beginning of the school day.
    • Sharing of food is strictly prohibited.


    • For the safety of students and staff, no visitors will be allowed unless prescheduled. 
    • Parents will not be allowed in the building during drop off and pick-up.
    • All emergency pick-ups must be cleared through the front office before or upon arrival.  Example: call the office upon arrival from car vs. walking into the main office. 
    • For approved visits, masks must be worn in the building and all visitors must undergo all health screening protocols.
    • To ensure the safety of students and staff, all parent conferences/visits will be held virtually and the campus administrator has the discretion to deny entrance into the building.


    In accordance with state and local laws and regulations, school administrators will notify appropriate staff and family members as soon as possible, of any case of a student or employee who tested positive for COVID-19. This notification will be consistent with maintaining confidentiality as required by state and federal laws.

    School Bus Requirements

    • Bus transportation will be provided for those who qualify; however, utilizing bus transportation is highly discouraged, due to the inability to practice social distancing.
    • Face shields and or masks must be worn.  
    • Any failure to comply with bus rules and procedures will result in loss of bus riding privileges.
    • Parents are responsible for checking their child’s temperature before leaving for the bus stop. 

    Athletics, Fine Arts, and Extracurricular Activities

    • The district will continue to follow all guidelines provided by UIL, TEA, and the state. Please click here to view UIL policy and administration. 

     Support Services

    • We will continue to offer support for students and families academically, socially, and emotionally. 
    • Access to counselors and a list of local counseling based resources can be found on our district website. Please click here to visit our website for more information regarding counseling resources.
    • To ensure our staff is equipped to address social and mental health concerns, our counselors will continue to participate in training, including trauma-informed care, mental health first aid, and social-emotional learning.


    • When a student is absent for any reason, the student’s parent/guardian shall notify the school of the reason for the absence. Parents will need to contact the attendance clerk for absences. Hand-delivered notes will not be accepted. Please send all notes electronically to the campus attendance clerk.
    • Any student who contracts the virus or lives with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 is required to stay home in accordance with state and local health directives. Please view Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines here.
    • Students who are infected with COVID-19 shall be excluded from on-campus instruction until a medical provider states in writing that the student is no longer contagious. 
    • Student absences due to illness or quarantine are considered excused absences. 
    • Students who are not sick and under quarantine will be required to follow the same guidelines as students who are participating in virtual eLearning. 

    Student Nutrition 

    • For virtual eLearning students, daily meal distribution will be provided at Lancaster High School. Please click here for distribution information.
    • Please continue to monitor the Food Distribution Page for child nutrition updates.

Reopening Procedures by Grade

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