Program Design

  • Exploration Academy Program and Design 
    Identified elementary GT students in grades 1-5 have the opportunity to attend Lancaster ISD's Exploration Academy on their home campus each week.  Exploration Academy is a program that encourages critical thinking, develops confidence and self-expression and provides leadership opportunities. 
    All Kindergartners are screened for GT services in January. If they qualify for services, they will join Exploration Academy during the Spring semester.  


    Exploration Academy 2.0 and High School
    GT Students moving to 6th Grade have an opportunity to receive GT services through their elective classes. Students will continue building on the skills that they learned in elementary GT services and continue to develop in the area of leadership and critical thinking skills. 
    Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement Courses at the high school level, identified GT students are enrolled in Pre-AP and AP courses, according to their talent area.  Outlines for these courses are prepared by the College Board. This organization also designs and manages the assessment program for the courses. Students who earn a score of 3 or greater on the College Board AP Exams earn credit in many colleges and universities throughout the nation.

    Enrichment Opportunities
    Students in the GT Department have opportunities to take field trips during the school year and to share their work with family members, faculty and the community throughout the year. 


    Learn Mandarin Chinese
    All 1st - 6th grade students enrolled in Lancaster ISD's Gifted and Talented Program, will also take Mandarin Chinese classes. This will allow students to become Global Citizens, encourage them to work for international companies and collaborate worldwide.  If you would like further information about Mandarin Chinese Classes, please contact Mr. Cheng 

    Dr. Tonia Howard
    Chief of Leadership Development and  
    Special Programs

    422 Centre Street
    Lancaster , Texas 75146

Student programming Dash and Dot Robots
Presenting TED Talks
GT Students use their creative thinking skills to create their own bubble wands.
Students focus on collaboration and communication skills