• Grading Policy for PK-5th Grade

    GRADING: Pre-K-5th

    [see Policy EAIB (LOCAL)]


    Behavior Grades: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Five

    Behavior in each class will be communicated to parent/guardian on each six-week report card.  Students can receive any of the following: “E” (High Developed), “S” (Developed), “N”(Beginning to Develop), “U” (Not apparent at this time).


    Academic Grading:

    All grade levels follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum as outlined by

    the Texas Education Agency.


    Academic Grading for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

    The report card for students with disabilities reflects the ARD/IEP program designed to compensate for individual

    disabilities in all grades.

    Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten will use the following grading scale: “E” (High Developed), “S” (Developed), “N”

    (Beginning to Develop), “U” (Not apparent at this time)


    Academic Grading for Grades 1-5

    In grades, one through five the District will use numerical grades in all courses.

    The numerical grade range is 90-100 = A       80-89 = B              70-79 = C              Below 70 = Failing

    I=Incomplete (Work must be made up or “I” becomes a 0)

    Numerical grades in all subjects or courses will be reported to parent/guardian and students at the end of each six-week period. Conferences will be scheduled with Parent/guardian to discuss and develop plans for students in danger of failing.


    Grade Reporting/Parent Conferences

    At the end of the first three weeks of each grading period, Lancaster ISD will provide parent/guardian student

    progress reports for all courses and subjects.


    At least once every six weeks, the school will provide written notice to parent/guardian of a student’s grades.  The report will include the number of times the student has been absent.

    Parent conferences are recommended for students whose grades fall below 70 or whose average is deemed borderline. Numerical grades can be below 50 on both progress reports and report cards.


    Reteach/Retest Policy

    Retests are considered as part of test performance for grading purposes. The retest policy allows for a student to

    retake any major test, which was failed if the test is retaken within 7 school days of the date of receiving the failing

    grade. Students may be offered the opportunity to retest if they satisfy the teacher requirements for re-teaching,

    including parent/guardian signature on a failed test.

    Students may not receive a grade higher than 80on a retest.


    Elementary Six Week and Semester Grades


    Test or Major Assignment                                 40% of 6 weeks grade

    Classwork                                                             40% of 6 weeks grade

    Homework or Minor Assignment                     20% of 6 weeks grade

    • Benchmark grades are not to be used as part of semester test performance grades.
    • Extenuating circumstances will be determined by the campus principal.
    • Numerical grades must be given for students withdrawing from the District.  These grades will be calculated based on the work completed by the student to the date of withdrawal.