2022 Graduation FAQ

  • Time:

    Saturday, June 4
    4:00 p.m.
    (doors open at 3:00 p.m.)
    UT Arlington College Park Center
    600 S. Center Street
    Arlington, TX. 76019
    Map to event

    Does UTA have a mandatory clear bag policy?

    Yes, please see the image below:

    Where do I park?

    Parking tickets are $15. You will need to purchase parking tickets upon your arrival. 


    Who participates in the commencement ceremony? Is participation mandatory for graduating seniors?

    All seniors who have been cleared for graduation are encouraged to participate. It should be noted that participation in the commencement ceremony is not mandatory nor a condition for the completion of graduation requirements.


    Can I drop my student off at the ceremony?

    No, to ensure all seniors arrive on time.  Transportation will be provided from LHS to the ceremony. Students will be allowed to ride home with family.   Students should report to LHS between 12:30- 1:00p.m. All buses will depart LHS at 1:15 p.m.


    What is my student's dress code?

    Commencement is the most formal activity of a student’s high school years and the school district’s public acknowledgement of high school completion. The cap and gown are formal educational attire. With this in mind, we REQUIRE that all seniors choosing to participate in the commencement activity dress appropriately. The attire to be worn under the commencement gown is as follows:


    • Dress slacks
    • Dress socks
    • Dress shoes, (no recreational shoes, such as sneakers, flip-flops, etc.)
    • Dress shirt & tie


    • Dress skirt, Dress slacks, or Dresses
    • Dress shoes (no recreational shoes)

    Do not bring purses, camera, bags, etc., to the ceremony. Students not adhering to the dress code may be denied the opportunity to participate in the ceremony.


    Who wears honor cords? What do they mean?

    Students who are part of school - approved organizations, or who achieve certain milestones as part of club memberships have the right to wear honor chords during the Commencement Ceremony. Unapproved paraphernalia will forfeit your participation in the Commencement Ceremony.


    May my student decorate their mortarboard?

    Only cap decorations that have been approved may be worn in ceremony.  Students wearing non-approved graduation caps will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.


    What is the Graduation Fee?

    There is no fee for graduation. Students must acquire a cap and gown from Jostens to participate in the ceremony.


    Is there a live stream of the event?

    The ceremony will be streamed live.  This is the link to watch live.


    What is appropriate behavior during the commencement ceremony?

    Commencement is regarded as the most formal of scholastic ceremonies. Seniors are celebrating the completion of 13 years of education. Friends and relatives are coming to honor their achievement. We encourage parents and guests to participate in the ceremony in a very dignified manner. Whispering and other signs of inattentiveness are inappropriate.


    Can I bring whistles, aerosol horns, or other noisemakers to the arena?

    No. UTA does not permit the use of these items in their facilities. Use of these items will result in removal from the ceremony.


    What is disruptive behavior? How is disruptive behavior dealt with at the graduation ceremony?

    Disruptive behavior is defined as including, but not limited to, loud and abusive verbal language — whether solicited or otherwise — or the unwillingness to respond directly or appropriately to directions. Actions such as these will be considered evidence of unruly behavior. Such conduct will be the basis for removal from the ceremony.


    Is smoking permitted?



    Can I take pictures on the stadium/arena floor?

    We are not able to allow parents to photograph or videotape on the stadium/arena floor during the commencement ceremony.  


    What is the seating situation at the graduation ceremony?

    Guests are urged to be on time for the commencement ceremony, and to come early enough to avoid traffic problems.


    Is handicap seating available?

    The College Park Center is handicap accessible.


    May my family receive more tickets?

    Each senior will receive 10 tickets.  If more tickets are available at a later date they will issued by a lottery system.


    Who needs a ticket to enter?

    Every person requiring a seat must have a ticket.


    May my student augment their gown with additional or personalized stoles?

    No.  Unapproved paraphernalia will forfeit  participation in the Commencement Ceremony.

LHS Student smiling and holding a diploma