Pleasant Run Elementary
    Attendance Incentives: Out of the Principals Pocket Raffle, Party at PRE, Free Dress Pass, Wall of Fame

    Student Engagements: Sister To Sister, My Brother’s Keeper, Pre School Choir

    Beltline Elementary
    Attendance Incentives: Pizza Party for the class that spells out “Pizza Party” first.  A letter is earned for each day of perfect attendance for the class; Friday Dance Party in the Hall- All students with perfect attendance for the week can dance in the hallway immediately following announcements for the length of one song; Six week incentives- Students with perfect attendance receive a certificate and a food coupon from various restaurants each six weeks; End of the year trophies provided for a year of perfect attendance; Schoolwide bulletin board noting the grade level’s attendance each six weeks; Daily announcements acknowledging homerooms with perfect attendance

    Student Engagements: Coding Club, Choir, Pep Squad

    Houston Elementary
    Attendance Incentives: Free Dress for a week for class with 96% or better attendance; Awards from attendance clerk each six weeks; Perfect attendance entered into weekly drawing

    Student Engagements: Sister to Sister, My Brothers Keepers, Cub Scouts, Girls Inc. Academic Tutoring

    West Main Elementary
    Attendance Incentives: Pass around attendance trophies for the classes with the highest attendance; Popcorn and pop parties for the class with the highest attendance for the six weeks; Have a drawing each semester for a bike for students with perfect attendance

    Student Engagements: Sister 2 Sister, My Brother’s Keeper, 3-5 Step Team, K-2 Junior Tigerette’s, WME Pianist Club

    Rosa Parks Millbrook Elementary
    Attendance Incentives: RPM Game time - celebrations for academic achievement and growth; AttenDance - students with perfect attendance; Perfect Attendance prize drawings; Parks Parent Academy reignites in January;

    RPM House system: 4 Houses develop character and synergy across campus

    Student Engagements: Coding Club, STEM Club, Choir, Whack Attack (Boom Whacker), My Brother's Keeper,
    Sister 2 Sister

    Rolling Hills Elementary
    Attendance Incentives: Free dress pass for students; Perfect attendance pencils; Student Attendance-When the attendance goal of 96% or higher is reached for the campus, all students get to celebrate by wearing jeans the following school day 

    Student Engagements: RHE Cheer Squad

    George Washington Carver 6TH Grade STEM Learning Center
    Attendance Incentives: Yard signs, Masks, Free Dress Pass, Flat screen tv's

    Student Engagements: Dance, Yearbooks, G's to Gents, Sister to Sister, Spoken Word, Sign Language, Math Club,Book Club, Coding Club

    Elsie Robertson Middle School
    Attendance Incentives: Students that have perfect attendance will receive free dress passes and will be invited to participate in an upcoming social.

    Student Engagements: Dance Team, Cheerleading, ROTC, Band, Athletics, Kick Start Karate, Choir, Piano, Theatre, Art, and STEM

    Barack and Michelle Obama
    Attendance Incentives: Perfect Attendance Medals and certificates

    Student Engagements: Sister 2 Sister, Dance Team, Choir, ROTC, Student Council
    Sports: Basketball, Football, Track

    Lancaster High School
    Attendance Incentives: Exemption from Semester exams, Poster display of students with perfect attendance

    Student Engagements: Student Council, Debutante, Athletics, Fine Arts, UIL competitions, Clubs

    J. D. Hall Alternative School
    Attendance Incentives: Perfect attendance return to home campus early

    Student Engagement: Enrichment clubs- drone/robotics, spoken word-community outreach club, chess, uno club, Anime/comic club, Painting with the Principal