Remote Learning
  • Lancaster ISD to Offer Limited Remote Learning Option for K-5 Students

    Please note, the application for the remote learning option is now closed.


    Due to the constantly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the COVID-19 vaccination unauthorized for children under the age of 12, Lancaster ISD is offering a limited Remote Learning Option for students in grades K-5. This temporary learning option has limited availability and parents of students in grades K-5 must apply to be accepted to participate in the remote learning option.

    The Remote Learning Option consists of a scheduled and planned out school day, teacher-led instruction, and a focus on grade-level standard teaching.

    Remote Learning Option Specifics

    Students will engage with Lancaster ISD teachers virtually both synchronously and asynchronously. Synchronous Learning is defined as two-way, live, instruction between teachers and students, through the computer or other electronic devices. Asynchronous Learning is a learning environment and structure where students engage in the learning materials through some structured, teacher-directed activities balanced with independent learning and practice. Many of the learning experiences will be self-paced and a Lancaster ISD remote learning teacher will provide learning support. Students will have access to pre-recorded or direct instruction from a Lancaster ISD teacher, as well as posted assignments and activities. Students and parents should also be aware of the following information:

    • A limited number of Lancaster ISD students, in grades K-5, will learn at home with remote instruction from a certified Lancaster ISD teacher. 
    • Curriculum will be aligned with Lancaster ISD In-Person learning classes.
    • Technology devices will be provided by Lancaster ISD.
    • Students will have the flexibility to return to in-person learning at the start of the new six-week grading period.
    • Any student participating in the Remote Learning Option will need a parent/guardian to partner with Lancaster ISD in ensuring they are able to access their classes virtually each day.

    The opportunity to enroll in the Lancaster ISD Remote Learning option is only available for students currently enrolled in Lancaster ISD. 

    Students enrolled in the Remote Learning Option will begin to access learning materials remotely. On-campus face to face instruction will continue to be available as the default learning environment for students.

    Once a vaccine becomes widely available for children under 12, we anticipate the Remote Learning Option mayl no longer be offered, and students can transition to their home elementary school for face-to-face instruction.

    Parent Expectations

    As we prepare to launch our remote learning option, we do so knowing that in order to ensure student success, our parents must partner with our district, campuses, and teachers. We are asking parents/guardians to commit to taking an active role in their child’s remote learning option each day. Lancaster ISD parents enrolling a student in Remote Learning Option are expected to:

    • Serve as your child’s remote learning support system, and play an active part in supporting their learning.
    •  Create a designated learning space in your home for your student to participate in remote learning
    •  Secure a technology device from the Lancaster ISD technology department for your student.
    •  Ensure reliable internet connectivity or check-out a Lancaster ISD Hotspot.  
    • Attend a virtual parent orientation session to access parent resources to learn how students will navigate Google Classroom to retrieve and submit assignments and content.
    • Monitor the daily schedule provided for your child for required online meetings and completion of assignments by their due date.
    • Ensure your student(s) are present for all required online meetings.
    • Be available to provide feedback and academic support when needed which might include watching the direct instruction videos or reading content to ensure your child understands.
    • Attend virtual teacher office hours as needed.
    • Pick up learning resources and materials from a campus as needed.
    • Ensure that independent assignments are completed by the student.
    • Help your child develop ownership of their learning experience. 
    • Provide support and encouragement and expect your student to do their part.
    • Commit to bringing student(s) to a district location when student assessments need to be administered. Risk mitigation protocols will be used, and all assessments will be administered in small groups utilizing social distancing at a central location located within the district. 

    Student Expectation

    • Be prepared for learning each day using the schedule provided by your teacher and the remote learning space you and your parents/guardian have designated.
    • Become familiar with the structure of Google Classroom and how to access and submit your assignments.
    • Log in to the Lancaster ISD remote learning platform each day and engage in teacher-assigned activities.
    • Attend all required online meetings.
    • Watch assigned videos, complete posted activities and submit assignments on time.
    • Ask your parent/guardian questions when you need help.
    • Give your best effort in your school assignments and complete all independent work on your own.
    • Contact your teacher when you have questions or need additional support.

    Teacher Expectations

    Lancaster ISD Remote Learning Pathway teachers will be Lancaster ISD certified teachers. All teachers will receive specialized training and support specific to a remote learning environment. The teacher will be the teacher of record and will be responsible for providing feedback and grading all remote learning assignments and assessments. In addition, the remote learning teacher will:

    • Follow the Lancaster ISD scope and sequence and curriculum
    • Utilize district provided materials and resources
    • Collaborate with district curriculum staff
    • Provide daily synchronous instruction
    • Record and post direct instruction, as needed
    • Post relevant, aligned assignments and instructions
    • Make Google Classroom available for students to submit assignments
    • Grade and provide feedback on submitted assignments
    • Monitor submission of assignments
    • Communicate regularly about student progress and class updates

     How to Apply

    The application for the K-5 Remote Learning Pathway will close on Sunday, September 26, at 5 pm. Parents of all enrolled Lancaster ISD students in grades K-5 should click HERE to begin the application process.

    The link will provide parents with instructions on how to apply for the remote learning option. Please note that availability is limited for the remote learning option, so the application process is first come first serve. Although we would like to provide this option to all students, at this time, our district is unable to accommodate all K-5 students attending school remotely. We encourage parents interested in applying for the remote learning option, to do so at this time.

    For additional information, please email