529 College Savings Account • Invest in Your Child's Future TODAY!

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  • Welcome to the Dollars for College Savings Plan Program! We are excited to have you sign up for a College Savings Account for your child.  Once you enroll and your participation and eligibility has been verified, Dollars for College will link your child's existing scholarship account to the individual account to the individual account you set up now.  Dollars for College has provided a scholarship account with $50 to help you get started for your child's future.

    For the first year, you are enrolled, Dollars for College savings program match dollar-for-dollar deposits of up to $100, and your child will also have the chance to earn up to $100 in additional money in the form of performance incentives which will be explained by your school.

    Below are the steps to participate in the Dollars for College Program.


    STEP 1: Opt in to participate in the program

    • The district automatically seeds $50 into your child’s account. 


    STEP 2: Sign up for the Family Owned Account

    • Click here for instructions to set up the Family Owned Account.
    • Click here for screenshots to show what the application looks like.
    • If you don’t complete this step, your child will never have access to the FREE MONEY that they gained from the program.
    • Sign up for the Family Owned Account.


    STEP 3: Deposit funds into your child’s account if you wish to maximize matching funds. If you give $150, then the program will give $150 to make a total of $300.

    • Click here for instructions on how to make deposits.


    STEP 4: Ensure that your child gets performance incentives. This doesn’t cost you anything. Free money!

    • Attend a Fall Parent Conference with your child’s teacher. -$25
    • Attend a Spring Parent Conference with your child’s teacher. -$25
    • Ensure that your child has a 97% attendance rate. -$25


     Other Forms and documents.




How does my child earn up to $500?