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We are proud to announce that Lancaster ISD is the winner of the 2018 HEB Excellence in Education Award!

The R.I.G.H.T. Way - Customer Service in Lancaster ISD

The Lancaster ISD Customer Service Standards

Our Commitment:

In Lancaster ISD, we aim to understand and exceed our customer’s needs in a responsive and positive manner.

Standard 1: Purpose
Through the application of targeted knowledge, experiences and skills, we will ensure desired results.
  • Clearly communicate the District vision, motto and standards to all stakeholders.
  • Determine specific strategies and objectives to ensure optimal customer service.
  • Provide ongoing professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Empower staff to address customer needs/concerns.

Standard 2: Community
We embrace all customers in our community in a positive, professional manner.
  • Treat everyone the R.I.G.H.T. Way.
  • Provide communication resources for bi-lingual or non-English speaking individuals.
Standard 3: Quality
We provide an inviting, welcoming environment for our community and the public.
  • Ensure appropriate professional dress for all staff in accordance with district code of conduct.
  • Establish a family-friendly environment which maintains appropriate signage and visual media.
  • Provide and maintain clean and safe facilities
Standard 4: Equity
We listen to, identify and confirm our customer’s individual needs.
  • Provide purposeful attention to each customer.
  • Repeat information for clarification.
  • Reassure that matter is handled and that follow-up occurs with customer within 24 business hours.
  • Follow up immediately and provide the customer with any new information regarding their request.

Standard 5: Courage
We strive to provide reliable and timely responses to meet all customers’ needs.
  • Assist customer(s) in accordance with district standards (the R.I.G.H.T Way) and follow-up
    within 24 business hours, if needed.
  • First contact responds to customer as a courtesy contact to ensure quality customer service.
  • Maintain and preserve confidentiality of all customers.
  • Make connections personal - person to person.

Standard 6: Growth
We ensure continuous improvement to provide satisfactory customer service.
  • Provide frequent training sessions for all staff members.
  • Utilize feedback and surveys to enhance customer service.
  • Collaborate with community members to identify growth opportunities.
Lancaster ISD Customer Service Communication Guidelines
Below are best practices to ensure that we are treating our customers the R.I.G.H.T. way.
(On the Clock)
These tips are helpful to maintain an inviting
and welcoming atmosphere at all times.

• Smile and be courteous
• Acknowledge and greet individuals
• Be hospitable (offer guest a seat and/or
• Intently listen and inquire about needs
• Offer meaningful responses
• Be sensitive
• Maintain positive/inviting environment
• Be mindful of nonverbal communication
• Reassure that issues are being addressed
• Follow – up and ensure needs were met
• Offer to set up an additional meeting, if needed
(Off the Clock)
When you are a public servant, you are on the
clock at all times. We always aim to provide
excellent service.

• Treat others as you would like to be treated
• Be respectful
• Be attentive
• Be professional
• Be polite
• Be genuine
(On the Clock)
Remember, we are each other’s customers. Be sure to follow the customer service standards for an internal customer just as you would for an external customer.

• Greet everyone
• Be a good listener
• Be knowledgeable
• Be open and honest
• Be respectful
• Be professional
• Be patient
• Be flexible and supportive
• Be accountable
• Have a sense of humor
Although you can not see the customer, these tips will ensure that the customer is well served.

• Create a uniform greeting for your work area
“Thank you for calling Lancaster ISD...”
• Maintain a professional voice/tone control
• Be resourceful and genuine
• Stay knowledgeable of your department and
• Put a “smile” in your voice
• Be responsive
• Be empathetic
• Address the caller professionally and use his/her name (Mr. or Mrs.)
Let’s not leave online communications to chance. Remember to use these tools to ensure that professionalism is always present.
• Acknowledge all received e-mails (reply even if you don’t have an answer)
• Provide your contact information in your signature
• Stay positive and professional in your messages
• Avoid all caps and all lower case letters
• Use correct grammar and avoid using slang in all messages
• Follow up when necessary
• Start messages with a greeting or an expression of thanks and appreciation
• Respond or reply within 48 hours or sooner, if possible
• Get to the main point quickly and provide additional details
• Use spell check and re-read before sending