• Texas Department of State Health ServicesVision

    A Healthy Texas


    To improve health and well-being in Texas

    DSHS Strategic and Operational Goals

    Goal 1:  Prevent and Prepare for Health Threats
    Goal 2:  Build Capacity for Improving Community Health
    Goal 3:  Promote Recovery for Persons with Infectious Disease and Mental Illness
    Goal 4:  Protect Consumers
    Goal 5:  Develop and Expand Integrated Services
    Goal 6:  Streamline Administrative Systems
    Goal 7:  Maintain and Enhance DSHS Assets
    Goal 8:  Nurture a Unified Workplace Culture
    Goal 9:  Expand the Effective Use of Health Information
    Goal 10:  Build and Sustain Effective Partnerships

    Texas Health and Human Services Commission

    The mission of HHSC is to maintain and improve the health and human services system in Texas and to administer its programs in accordance with the highest standards of customer service and accountability for the effective use of funds.

    HHSC oversees the operations of the health and human services system, provides administrative oversight of Texas health and human services programs, and provides direct administration of some programs.

    HHSC operates with an annual budget of $16 billion and 9,300 employees.

    Texas Health Services Authority

    The Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) is responsible for coordinating the implementation of health information exchange (HIE) strategic and operational plans for the State of Texas.

    Our Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Approved Strategic and Operational Plan for Statewide HIE is available here.

    A link to the profiles of 16 Approved Local HIEs is available here.

    A link to information on the state's White Space Strategy is available here.

    We are currently holding monthly task force meetings on: Data Standards, Technical Architecture, Privacy and Security, Provider Engagement and Consumer Engagement. To register, click here. For meeting times, click here.

    We also currently have a monthly Collaboration Council meeting. The Collaboration Council receives reports from the task force meetings and will report its recommendations to the THSA Board. To find meeting minutes from past meetings, click here.

    The Texas School Health Network

    The Texas School Health Network is a collaborative effort of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and the School Health Specialists working in 13 of the Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs).

    Thirteen of the 20 ESCs in Texas is staffed with a School Health Specialist who provides in-service training, workshops, and technical assistance to school districts.  School health specialists assist schools in locating and promoting resources and materials on a wide variety of health topics.  They also serve as a central coordinating point for all school health issues and assist school districts in developing an integrated and coordinated approach to school health programming.