Curriculum and Instruction

  • Mission: The mission of the Curriculum and Instruction Department is to support and empower students, teachers, parents, and administrators in the spear of teaching and learning.  The curriculum team's primary goals are to ensure an equitable approach that promotes student achievement through coaching best instructional practices, providing viable research-based curriculum aligned to 21st century skills, and creating engaging professional development based on data-driven decisions to develop global citizens. 

TEKS Resource System

  • TEKS - Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills is the state's curriculum that is provided to all public schools. 

    To review the TEKS by course and grade, click here.

    The TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) are categorized by course and grade levels.  

    • English Language Arts and Reading (grades K-12)
    • Mathematics (grades K-12)
    • Science (grades K-12)
    • Social Studies (grades K-12)
    • Spanish Language Arts and Reading (grades K-5)
    • Spanish translated versions of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies (grades K-5)

    Visit TEA's curriculum standards for more information.