• School Closing Information

    The following information is provided to help parents understand how the district determines whether or not to hold school or delay opening school on bad weather days and the notification procedures which are in place. Please note that student and staff safety is our first priority. The decision to call off school is a very important one and is made only after thorough consideration.


    The procedure for making the decision to close schools begins early in the morning when school personnel in each area of the city drive the streets near the neighborhood schools to check road conditions. Personnel confers with the weather bureau, police department, and gas and utility companies about forecasts, road conditions, and available energy for heating the buildings. The findings are reported to the Superintendent of Schools, who makes the final decision to open or close schools.


    Please check with one of the following sources of information to obtain accurate information:


    • District web site at  www.lancasterisd.org where a message will scroll across the top indicating the district’s status
    • District-managed social media accounts: Twitter and Facebook
    • Phone calls, e-mails and in some cases, text messages, sent via district notification service to current, on-file contact information for parents and staff
    • Major television stations including KDFW - Channel 4; KXAS - Channel 5; WFAA- Channel 8; KTVT - Channel 11
    • Major radio stations including KKDA (104.5 FM); KLTY (94.9 FM); and WBAP (820 AM)
    • By approximately 6 AM, at the district's main number, (972) 218-1400, a voice mail recording will announce whether the school is closed or delayed for the district
    • By 6 AM, a voice mail recording at each school will announce if the school is closed


    Procedures for Closing or Delay


    The existence of inclement weather, such as an accumulation of frozen precipitation on the roadways, may necessitate a delayed opening or cancellation of the school day. When there is a cause for concern about the weather, the Superintendent, District Chief of Police and Chief Operations Officer will monitor weather conditions and act as follows:


    • No later than 4:30 AM, the Superintendent, District Chief of Police and the Chief Operations Officer will discuss the weather and its impact on the operation of the district.
    • Lancaster ISD Police will report road conditions to Superintendent or Designee.
    • After hearing the recommendations, the Superintendent will make the decision on school operations for the day. That decision must be made no later than 5:30 AM. (pending weather conditions).
    • If the decision is to close the schools or delay their opening, that decision will be communicated to the Chief Communications Officer and Board President immediately.
    • The Chief Communications Officer will communicate to parents, staff, and students via district notification systems including social media, web site, radio, and television.
    • The Transportation Director will make the appropriate notifications and scheduling changes.
    • The Board President will contact the Board of Trustees.



    If school is canceled, the school day must be made up later in the year on one of the dates designated as an “Inclement or Bad Weather” day.