2019-20 Board Goals
  • WE WILL provide quality teaching and learning in pursuit of excellence as a priority by:

    • Approving and actively supporting the Superintendent’s goals in facilitating the District’s vision for increased academic excellence.
    • Providing and funding quality programs that encourage creativity and innovation using available data to measure the progress of all students.
    • Supporting the recruitment and retention of quality teachers who incorporate best practices into teaching, learning, technology, and leadership.
    • Providing resources to every student and staff with electronic devices appropriate for the respective grade level.
    • Increasing Career and Military Readiness certifications and increase programs in Early College High School.

    WE WILL provide an educational system where students and employees are safe, secure, and drug-free by:

    • Provide necessary resources to prevent and respond to any threat to students, staff, and campuses.
    • Making mental health awareness a priority with a focus on prevention and intervention.
    • Supporting drug-free initiatives.

    WE WILL be financially responsible and prepare for future financial needs by:

    • Budgeting to keep the reserve fund at least at 18%.
    • Supporting actions that will lead to achieving and maintaining superior District’s FIRST rating.

    WE WILL serve as ambassadors and foster partnerships between the home, school, and community by:

    • Utilizing citizens’ advisory committees to grow short and long-term plans.
    • Communicating information through social media, mailings, and local town meetings.
    • Promoting and celebrating our excellence with the Lancaster ISD community.