School Health Advisory Committee

  • In 2005, the 79th legislature passed SB42.  This comprehensive school health education package focused on a number of significant issues; one of which was the establishment of a state-level school health advisory committee at the Department of State Health Services (DSHS).  The Texas School Health Advisory Committee (TSHAC) provides active leadership in the identification and dissemination of school health best practices and resources for school policymakers.

    TSHAC Guiding Principles

    • Assuring a healthy future for all Texans will guide the work of this committee.
    • To that end, we will work to support a healthy and safe school an environment that fosters learning.
    • We will dedicate our efforts to goals that will produce healthier minds and bodies through effective school health education and services.
    • Achieving Academic success by providing leadership to those who teach and empower our students will be our sustaining and overarching charge.
    • We will champion the practice of coordinated school health to effectively reach our goals and objectives through the eight components of coordinated school health programming.