• Lancaster High School


    Every instructional minute counts, especially since we have 45 minutes per class period, and student tardiness interferes with the learning process. Specific tardy policies and procedures are as follows:

    1. Every student that comes to your class after the tardy bell must have a tardy pass.

    # TARDY




    1 - 3

    Teacher Discretion . . . teacher records the tardy in the Tardy Log with the tardy #. Teacher discretion can include verbal warning; teacher detention; natural consequences; seat change; extra assignment/packets; conference; and others (as approved by your hall administrator). Teachers are expected to notify students and parents of the tardy policy in their syllabus. A good faith attempt to contact the parent (date and time) is required prior to 4th tardy.  It is recommended that a coach, director/activity sponsor or another faculty member who has an impact on the student be communicated with to brainstorm suggestions to improve the tardy behavior. 

    4 - 5

    Assistant Principal will assign lunch detention.


    Off-campus suspension. Parents contacted by Assistant Principal.

    For lunch detention, the student will have 15 minutes to get their lunch and eat.  Students will present their ID cards to serve lunch detention. NO ID = No admittance. Students will be assigned clean up duty to receive any credit. Failure to serve detention will result in detention being doubled. If both lunch detentions are not served, the student will receive Out of School Suspension for insubordination.

    Tiger round up

    We will have periodical Tiger round ups.   The tiger round process will be the following

    • PA announcements after the TARDY BELL rings asking teachers to close and lock their doors.
    • Students who are late will be swept by the hall monitors, administrative assistants, and assistant principals.
    • Students caught in the round-up will be assigned lunch detention for the first and second offense, Out of School Suspension for the 3rd Discipline will be recorded in Review 360.

    The tardy count starts at zero at the beginning of each six weeks.