• Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees Approve the Release of Internal Forensic Audit

    As we continue to focus on improving academic outcomes for all students, we strive to meet a high standard of district transparency. Therefore, we have chosen to ensure all stakeholders are informed with correct information regarding the district's recent forensic audit. In addition, we are releasing the executive summary of the forensic audit for our district employees and community members to review. You may click here to review the forensic audit executive summary. Please feel free to submit any question you may have by clicking here to access our question submission form.

  • Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees Statement
    March 30, 2022

    To Our Lancaster ISD Educators, Parents, Students, and Community,

    Our board represents a thriving district that has made positive strides within the past year. Beginning with the appointment of Dr. Perera as our superintendent to our outstanding educators who consistently do what is needed to educate our students, our district continues to move in the right direction. We firmly believe that the hard work of our district must not be overshadowed by past events and decisions not made in the best interest of our students, educators, and community.

    In 2021, the Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees made the collective decision to have an outside agency conduct a forensic audit. Weaver & Associates conducted the audit so that board members could be informed of any previous internal misconduct within the years 2017-2020. We want to be clear that the information from the audit is in no way reflective of our current district administration and will be used to address any lingering issues from the past administration. 

    The findings of this audit have been shared with law enforcement and appropriate regulatory agencies to review for possible criminal, civil and ethical violations.  

    As a board, our commitment is to the students, educators, and our community. We understand that this information can bring uncertainty, questions, and distrust. Therefore, as we share this information, our goal is to remain transparent and provide you with clarity and answers to your questions.

    We vow to continue to work on behalf of our educators and students. Thank you in advance for your continued support as we continue our efforts to operate in full transparency. 

    Thank you,

    Lancaster ISD School Board

    Lancaster ISD Superintendent of Schools Statement
    March 30, 2022

    Lancaster ISD Family,

    For several months, our Board of Trustees has worked diligently to ensure that past wrongs of our district are made right. The board's decision to conduct a forensic audit speaks to their collective dedication to taking the necessary steps needed to move our district forward with honesty and transparency. I encourage all district employees, parents, and community members to review the forensic audit results. I also want to reiterate our board's proactive approach to addressing several past concerns identified in the forensic audit and their continued diligence to improve the inner workings of our school district.

    Our board's critical focus on the information in the audit has allowed our district leadership team to remain dedicated to achieving high student academic performance without distraction. I applaud our trustees for realizing the importance of developing a culture of honesty and trust by providing transparent communication with all internal and external stakeholders regarding the forensic audit. I want to thank our district employees and community for their continued support as we work to re-establish trust and open communication within our district. As we move forward, I am committed to keeping district stakeholders informed and abreast of pertinent information that impacts us as a whole. 

    I thank you for your continued support as we remain centered on student success.

    Thank you,

    Dr. A. Katrise Perera

    Lancaster ISD Superintendent