• What is blended learning?

    Blended learning combines the best practices of online and offline instruction to give students autonomy over their learning. 


    What defines best practices? 

    Best practices include students building communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills in an innovative environment. 


    Blended Learning Rotation Models:

    Station rotation: Students rotate through a series of different stations including these concepts: teacher led, interactive or collaborative, and online. Teachers can choose for students to rotate on a fixed or flexible schedule depending on what content is in each station.

    Individual rotation: Students work on an indivdual playlist based on students' needs. This rotation model is different from stations because not all students will complete the same activities. The activities on the playlist allow for communication and collaboration, while focusing on reflection and student agency. 


  • Tools for Creativity

  • Tools for Critical Thinking

  • Tools for Collaboration

  • Tools for Communication

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