• Meals 

    • Meals are delivered to the DAEP campus daily.
    • Students will be provided  breakfast and lunch by the district.
    • If the student is eligible for free or  reduced lunch at the time of enrollment, this service will continue. Otherwise,  breakfast and lunch are available at the usual cost per meal.
    • Parents are  encouraged to utilize mySchoolBucks (available via LISD website) as a tool  to pay for their son/daughter’s meals.
    • Students are not allowed to bring any outside food or drinks to the campus.   

    Electronic devices


    • Cell phones, MP3/Ipods, Radios, CD Players, paging devices, and tape recorders are not allowed at DAEP.
    • Unauthorized activation or usage will  result in the confiscation of the device by any district personnel.
    • Parents may  contact the front office to arrange to pick up the device, and pay a fee of  $15.
    • If the $15 is not paid, the school will keep the device, and it will be  returned on the last day of the student’s placement at DAEP. 


    Attendance Expectations

    • Even while assigned to DAEP, the attendance and truancy policies outlined  in the current Student Code of Conduct will apply. When in violation,  students and/or parents will be reported to the district truancy officer.
    • All  absences need to be documented with a note from the parent or guardian  pertaining to the reason for the absence. All absences will be recorded as  unexcused until the student brings a note.
    • Students have 3 school days after they return to bring the note to the office. After that period of time, the  absence will remain unexcused.
    • Absences may result in extending a student's assigned time.  

    Students may enter the building at 7:30 am. They are tardy if they are not  in their seats by 8:15 am. Student dismissal is at 3:25 pm. JD Hall attendance time is 9:00 am. If students arrive after this time they will not be counted  present.