Lancaster ISD Enrollment Q&A

  • Q: Can I enroll my child for the 2021-22 school year?   

    A: Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is open and enrollment for the 2022-23 school year opens April 1.  Please click here to begin your child's online pre-registration.  

    Q: Can my child enroll in Lancaster ISD?

    A: Yes! Lancaster ISD has open enrollment for grades PK3 through 12th grade.  This means that your child is welcome to attend Lancaster ISD schools even if you do not reside within the city boundaries, as long as your student meets the open enrollment guidelines. Once your student is enrolled in a Lancaster ISD school, he/she must comply with the State Compulsory Attendance Law (explained below). 

    Q: What are the Open Enrollment Guidelines?

    A: Lancaster ISD accepts Open Enrollment students in grades PK-12 for non-resident students. Transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis and require approval by the superintendent or his/her designee. Criteria for approval include grades, discipline, and attendance. 

    Q: What grade will I enroll my child in?

    A: Your child’s grade placement will be determined initially by their age as of September 1 of the school year for which they are enrolling. Other factors, such as prior schooling records, special needs, etc. will be taken into account as needed. Use the table below to determine which grade your child should register for.

    Age Table

    Q: What steps do I need to take to enroll my child for the current school year?

    A: The first step is to complete the online pre-registration. If you are enrolling your child for the current school year, click here to access the online pre-registration documents.

    Q: What if I am enrolling my child for the upcoming school year?

    A: If you wish to enroll your child for the upcoming school year, online pre-registration documents will be available after April 1. If it is after April 1, please click here to access the online pre-registration documents. Be careful: you must change the enrollment year! The system automatically defaults to the current school year!

    Q: What documents will I need to provide?

    A: To enroll a child new to Lancaster ISD, the following documents will be required:

    • Child’s Birth Certificate (Certified Copy)
    • Child’s Social Security Card
    • Child's Current Immunization Records
    • Proof of Residency (current utility bill: water, gas, or electricity) 
    • Parent or Guardian’s Driver's License, State-Issued ID, or Photo ID 
    • Final Report Card from previous school, if applicable
    • Proof of Income (current 1040 Tax Return) for PK3 & PK4

    Q: What proof of residency is acceptable?

    A: Acceptable proof of residency documents include the following:

    • Electric, water, or gas bill in the name of the parent or guardian – no more than 30 days old

     Q: Can I use a lease, cable bill, or phone bill as proof of residency?

    A: We can only accept a gas, electric, or water bill.

    Q: What if the proof of residency bill is not in the name of the parent/guardian?

    A: If the parent/guardian resides with someone else, and the proof of residency is in that person’s name, click here to access an affidavit of residency. This document must be completed and signed by both parties in the presence of a Notary Public before enrollment can be completed. Most banks have a Notary.

     Q: What if the child does not reside with the parent/guardian?

    A: If the student resides with someone other than the legal parent/guardian, click here to access the Power of Attorney Affidavit that must be completed and signed in the presence of a Notary Public before enrollment can be completed.  Most banks have a Notary.

     Q: What do I do AFTER I complete the online pre-registration?

    A: There are several scenarios:

    • If your student attended and completed PK4-8th grade in Lancaster ISD the preceding school year, you do not need to do anything more. High school students are required to attend the LHS August registration yearly.
    • If your child was in Lancaster ISD PK3, you will need to upload a current proof of income document (1040 Tax Return) or provide a hardcopy in-person at our April or August district-wide registration event in order to enroll in PK4.
    • If your student is a new to the district high-school student, please bring your documents to the registrar at the high school.
    • If your student is a PK-8th grade student new to Lancaster ISD, you will need to upload all required documents or provide hardcopies in-person at our April or August registration event.
    • If your student is a PK-12th grade student new to Lancaster ISD, and it is NOT near the April or August registration event time, please upload all required documents and email your confirmation number to:

     Q: My child is already enrolled in Lancaster ISD - do I have to re-enroll?

    A: Unless your child is moving from PK3 to PK4, you only need to complete the online pre-registration for each new school year.  The school district requires renewing the online documents annually to ensure that information has not changed. Please do NOT create a new username and password if your child is already enrolled in Lancaster ISD. Please use the “forgot password” button on the pre-registration page.  If you need assistance you can email:

     Q: What if I don’t have all the required documents?

    A: Much of the enrollment process can still be completed. However, your child will not be fully enrolled until all documentation has been received.

     Q: I keep seeing information about an in-person registration event, do I need to attend?

    A: The district plans to host hybrid registration events in April and August. If parents/guardians complete the online pre-registration and are able to upload all required documents, then the district will complete the enrollment process. Parents/Guardians will not need to attend the in-person registration event if the pre-registration is completed in full and all required documents are uploaded. Campus Registrars will email confirmation of enrollment. If you are unable to complete and UPLOAD documents, then the district will provide an in-person event for PK - 8th grade students who are new to Lancaster ISD and for PK3 students moving to PK4.

    Q: My child left Lancaster ISD and is now returning, what do I need to do?

    A: If your child previously attended Lancaster ISD, withdrew, and is now returning, they will need to complete the online pre-registration as a new student. Please do NOT create a new username and password.  The online pre-registration system has saved your student’s information from their previous enrollment. Creating them as a new student will generate an error message, halting your registration process.  If you do not remember your username and password, you can email:

     Q: What is the Compulsory Attendance Law?

    A: The State of Texas (§25.08) requires that all students at least 6 years of age and not yet 19 attend school until they obtain a diploma. It is important that students attend school each day. Your child receives the maximum benefit of education by being in school every day, and numerous studies show a strong link between academic performance and consistent attendance. Because attendance is so critical for the quality of your child’s education, Texas has a compulsory attendance law.

    Under §25.085(c), compulsory attendance also applies to students below the age for compulsory attendance during any period that the student is voluntarily enrolled in prekindergarten or kindergarten. 

    Compulsory attendance is enforced through §25.093 and Chapter 65, Texas Family Code.

     Q: Where can I find more information?

    A: The Lancaster ISD Student Handbook contains specificity on most topics. Click here to access it.



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