• Truancy Information


    Students who are at least six years of age, or who have been previously enrolled in first grade, and who have not yet reached their 19th birthday shall attend school for the entire period the program is offered, unless exempted as indicated below. On enrollment in prekindergarten or kindergarten, a student shall attend school. Education Code 25.085(a)–(c)


    See Links below on Lancaster ISD Attendance Policy and Attendance Enforcement




    Texas Education Code: Section 25.085 Compulsory Attendance Law
    Texas Education Code: Section 25.093 Parents Contributing To Non-Attendance
    Texas Education Code: Section 25.094 Failure To Attend School
    Texas Education Code: Section 25.095 Warning Notices


    1. Take an active interest in your student’s schoolwork. Ask them to demonstrate what they
        learned in school. Know the kids your student associates with.
    2. Ask your students about their thoughts on truancy.
    3. Look for early signs of your student’s decision that school is not worthwhile. Monitor
        changes in friendships, teachers, or classrooms or even the loss of a pet or family member.
        All of these things contribute to the reasons why kids dread going to school.
    4. Prepare your student for school with required supplies and clothes. If you need
        assistance, contact your local social services agency.
    5. Regularly contact the school office to make sure your student is attending school. Check
        in with his or her teachers on a regular basis. Make random visits to your student’s classroom to observe.
    6. Encourage your student to take an active role in the school by joining clubs or participating
        in sports. Teach them when and how to ask for help.
    7. Ask your student how you can help. Think about what situations he or she might face and
        talk about ways to handle these situations before they occur.
    8. Consider counseling in you, the parent, cannot resolve the issue on your own.
    9. Discuss with your student the reasons she/he has been truant.

    10. Don’t tell your student that he/she does not have to participate in school activities or
          does not have to attend school at all.
    11. Drop your student off at school in the morning and watching him enter the building.
    12. Give the consistent message, “You will go to school.”