School Dude- Work Order Request

  • Welcome to the work order request page. If you need to complete a work order request please click on the link below, log in, and then proceed to submit a work order. 

    School Dude Login  


    If you are needing guidance with submitting a work order request, below you will find directions
    on how to submit a work order request  using the
    districts appointed software called School Dude.
    With this software you will be able to communicate with the maintenance  department.
    By using this software you will be able to track the progress of the work order from start to finish.
    Below are the instructions on how to enter a work order request successfully.


    *Please note you must have the proper authorization from your immediate supervisor to submit a work order and the proper login information to be able to continue the next steps*


    Click the link below to get started
    Login- School Dude


    -Enter your username and password to proceed to the next steps


    click on the New Work Order tab



    • In the Status drop down box, choose New Request. *Note: If entering a work order that is already in progress or has been completed, you can choose the appropriate status.
    • From the Priority drop down box, select the appropriate priority.
    • Identify where the work needs to be done by choosing the Location.
    • If your organization utilizes the Building field, select one from the drop down box.
    • If applicable, choose the general Area type that best fits the location of the work request.
    • Enter the specific area in the Area Number field if applicable. (The Area Number field is alphanumeric and is where you can enter specific room names or numbers.)
    • The Request Date will automatically populate with today's date. *Note: If entering a work order that has already been completed, this date can be changed to the date of the actual request.
    • Checking the Emergency? check box along with setting the Priority to Emergency, will make this work order appear in the Work Center section of the homepage as an emergency work order.
    • Enter the complete Request Description in the open text box.



    • Identify the name of the requester in the Contact Info section. If the requester's name does not appear in the drop down list, choose OTHER and enter the requester's first name, last name, and email address. *Note: This will add the contact as a requester.



    • As an Administrator or Supervisor, you can either directly assign a work order to yourself or to another user in the Assigned To drop down box or you can leave the drop down box empty for the work order to follow automatic routing rules.
    • Fill in the Target Start Date, Requested Completion Date, Target Completion, Estimated Costs, and Estimated Hours. *Note: These are all optional fields.



    • Choose the Purpose Code that best describes why the work order is being requested.
    • Select the appropriate Craft to identify what type of work is being requested.
    • If your organization is utilizing Budget Codes, the Custom Category, Projects, Equipment, or Classifications and Types, identify any of the codes by clicking on the drop down boxes.
    • Click Save. The work order will now be assigned a work order ID number.




    If you are needing additional help please do not hesitate to reach out to our department. Please contact Shetaya Benjamin at 972-218-1481 or by email .