Reopening FAQ 2020

  • Q: What is the maximum number of students to be assigned to an eLearning teacher?

    A:  Leveling of classes will be addressed after receiving the online parent survey.


    Q: Will the school day be full regular hours?

    A: Yes.


    Q: Will outdoor recess be allowed?

    A: Recess will be allowed when appropriate.


    Q: What is the time frame that parents have to make a choice for online vs in person option?

    A: Parents need to make their decision by July 17, 2020.


    Q: Will students bring backpacks to school? If so, how will we sanitize items inside the backpacks such as homework, books, etc.?

    A: Students will be allowed to bring backpacks; however, it is the responsibility of the parent to sanitize all materials inside the backpack.


    Q: How will supplies work? Will each student need to have their own supplies daily?

    A: Students will still need to bring specified supplies to school daily.  There will be no sharing of supplies.  


    Q: For virtual learning, do we expect students to stay in front of a computer for the entire day?

    A: According to TEA the online curriculum must be the same as the face-to-face learning option.  


    Q: How will attendance work for those who are online?

    A: Recording of attendance will be followed according to the TEA guidelines. 


    Q: Will students be allowed to wear their personal face mask or only the face masks that are provided by the district?

    A: Students will be allowed both options. Face shields and face masks will be required. 


    Q: Will the students be taking the face shields home for disinfecting or will they be kept at the school?

    A: The operational plan is being developed and will be shared soon.


    Q: Who will provide accommodations for online sped students?

    A: Special education and general education teachers will work together to provide accommodations to students. 


    Q: Will parents be required to sign a contract (expectations) before the student is allowed in the building?

    A: No; however, parents and students are expected to follow all campus guidelines and expectations. 


Additional Reopening Information

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