Lancaster ISD 2020 Summer Reading Projects

  • Lancaster ISD Parents and Families,
    The end of the school year has arrived, and we would like to welcome you to your summer reading destination. Every summer, our school district provides a phenomenal opportunity for students to sail the seven seas, as they journey and travel through literature with various summer reading assignments. As our students explore the world through reading, they will have the opportunity to document their travel by completing a project to exhibit what they have learned.
    The reading selections were designed to promote student interest in reading and build a life-long love of literature. By creating a unique, finished product, students will be able to express their interpretation of the text as only they can. Summer reading ensures that students retain the literacy skills acquired throughout the school year, and they continue to grow and excel.
    All students will be responsible for completing the projects for their grade level. All projects will be assessed as a major assignment in the first six weeks of school, and they are due the first day of school, August 17, 2020.
    Please remember: the Lancaster ISD Code of Conduct Handbook, on page 26, includes the following statement: “Every student in Lancaster ISD will be required to complete a summer and winter reading academic project or packet. The project or packet will be due the first day students return to school in the class or period designated by the campus.”
    Thank you for your cooperation and support!

    Shemeka Millner-Williams

    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Lancaster I.S.D.

Elementary Summer Reading Projects

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Secondary Summer Reading Projects

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