• (Q) So prom has been “confirmed” cancelled? Asking for myself as a senior parent. A definite answer was not given but that senior fees will be returned and cap & gowns      can’t be returned. And, is graduation cancelled June 2nd as well?

    (A) We will continue to monitor the situation, but short of a miracle and all restrictions by the county, state and federal authorities are lifted, we will not have graduation in Arlington on Jun 2.


    (Q) How do they go off to school without their high school diploma?

    (A) Diplomas will be mailed in a timely manner.


    (Q) We need to know what will happen about all our money from senior fees plus Jostens.

    (A) We are working on getting refunds from all entities that we paid in conjunction with senior activities.  As soon as we receive the reimbursements, we will reimburse the        seniors. We anticipate receiving reimbursements from various entities.  The reimbursements will be placed in the mail. Ms. Webb will update the senior class about the specifics.  


    (Q) What about the students who are scheduled to take their SAT's next month? These scores are needed. Is there a plan in place for that?

    (A) College Board is canceling the May 2, 2020 SAT test administration.  Makeup exams for the March 14 administration (scheduled for March 28) are canceled.  ACT testing has also been canceled.


    (Q) What are the kids with learning issues supposed to do?  

    (A) We are working on a plan and the State of Texas will provide some information for all districts.  We will share as it is finalized. Our goal is to meet your educational needs.  


    (Q) For those students who need to return library books or books in general, how can we return those books? Also, how would the students receive education while the schools are closed for an unknown amount of time?

    (A) The students may keep the library books and return them when we officially open without penalty.  We will provide an online educational platform. The information will go live on our website on Sunday, March 22nd at 6pm.