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Principal's Message

  • Welcome to Belt Line Information Systems and Software Design Academy. Our hope each day is that students are eager to take ownership of their learning and work towards self-sustaining success. This vision will become a reality through authentic collaboration with our parents and the community.

    Belt Line serves 450 students in grades PK3-5th, and our family of committed educators commits to work tirelessly and with intentionality to ensure that the targeted needs of all students are met both academically and socially. We understand that we are preparing students for jobs that have not yet been created, and because of that, we make it our aim to strengthen our students’ literacy skills so that they are strong readers, listeners, speakers, writers and thinkers. We will expose our students to opportunities to work collaboratively, solve problems and think critically so that they are equipped for middle school, high school, college, career and beyond. In addition to this, we have a keen focus on the social/emotional needs of our students. By providing a robust offering of enrichment programs, staff mentorship and access to a daily Social/Emotional Learning curriculum, our students are being equipped to persevere in a challenging society.


    Our students shine at BLE, and we strive to light the way to a bright future.

    Wendy Hawthorne,  

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