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  • During the 2015-2016 school year, Lancaster ISD embarked on a journey to provide all students with 1:1 opportunity. In the 2015-2016 school year the district began a pilot year of Integrate:Inspire. We began with 14 teachers, 600 students, and 400 devices. During this time, all seven of our elementary campuses received technology through fourth grade writing and fifth grade science classrooms, and G.W. Carver students were also introduced to 1:1 learning through 1 core classroom from each subject area.


    Based on the feedback of teachers and students from our pilot year, in Phase 2 we expanded to over 80 teachers and 1200 Chromebooks. We added 160 ipads for teachers at the primary grade levels, and expanded our team to include an additional blended learning specialist so we could continue to provide personalized support to teachers in the program. During Phase 2, GWC also became our first fully 1:1 campus in the core content area classrooms.


    As started phase 3 we currently have over 160 teachers involved in the initiative, with 2100 Chromebooks and 550 iPads, and we are impacting over 4500 Lancaster ISD students. We held our first two day summer training institute at the beginning of August of 2017, and every classroom in both our new elementary campuses contains iPads or Chromebooks for students. All 7th-8th grade core teachers have a 1:1 student to Chromebook ratio.


    Teachers and students will use these devices for assessment and gathering data during instruction, as well as for students to be able to access the most up-to-date online resources and publish their work online for a global audience.


    As we embark in phase 4 and 5, which will incorporate further expansion at the elementary campuses, the new 9th grade center, and high school.