• Vision 2020

    In the Fall of 2013, stakeholders from the community, clergy, companies, campuses and classrooms united to begin the discussion about creating a shared Vision 2020 for Lancaster ISD.
    This process involved gathering input to assist as we collectively created our Vision, Mission, Beliefs, Objectives, Strategies, Action Steps and the Graduate Profile.
    As a result, the district now has a plan in place to carry us through the year 2020.


    Lancaster ISD Vision:

    All students achieve self-sustaining success and leave a lasting legacy.


    Lancaster ISD Mission:

    The mission of Lancaster ISD, in collaboration with parents and communities, is to ignite learning that translates into sustainable success for all students in an ever-changing society.


    Lancaster ISD Beliefs:

    We believe that:  

    • Equity in education is a human right.
    • Educators, parents, and students share in the responsibility of developing well-rounded individuals.
    • Engaged, relevant learning experiences provide for a quality education leading to a quality life.
    • Learning is a life-long process that is enhanced by taking risks.
    • A person has the capacity to learn from past experiences.
    • Purposeful planning to meet individual students needs leads to intentional outcomes for student success.

    You may frequently check back here for updates on the progress as well as to access any information generated from the various meetings.
    If you would like to receive more information regarding participating in this or future endeavors like this, please contact Sherese Lightfoot at ShereseLightfoot@lancasterisd.org or (972) 218-1415.