• Grading Policy 9-12th grades

    GRADING 9-12[see Policy EIA (LOCAL) and EHBC]

    (Refer to High School Academic Handbook and Student Agenda Book)

    The report card will include the number of times the student has been absent.

    Semester Grades

    A standardized grading policy is adopted by Lancaster High School and is assigned to various aspects of classroom performance. Extra credit for activities such as folders, oral/written reports, or other projects is allowed for all

    students within each set weight. Grade weight parameters are:

    Test or Major Assignment                 40% of 6-weeks grade

    Classwork                                             40% of 6-weeks grade

    Homework or Minor Assignment     20% of 6-weeks grade


    Semester grades are awarded using an average of the first six-weeks period (75%) and the semester exam(25%).

    Numerical grades will be issued in all courses. Grade ranges are as follows:

    90-100 = A                            80-89 = B

    70-79 = C                              below 70 = Failing

    I=Incomplete (Work must be made up or “I” becomes a 50)

    • Students have one (1) day for every day absent, upon returning to school to complete work for removal of an

    incomplete due to excused absence. Extenuating circumstances will be determined by the campus principal.

    • Numerical grades must be given for students withdrawing from the District. These grades will be calculated

    based on the work completed by the student to the date of withdrawal.

    • Teacher will assign a minimum number of assignments per the LHS Grading System.