• Important Information for Graduates

    Graduating seniors should already be wearing their caps and gowns when they arrive and present their tickets to gain entry into the venue.

    Students need to arrive 90 minutes before the ceremony start time to be seated. They will enter at the WEST MARKETPLACE ENTRY and present their personal-use tickets for admittance. Each graduate will be directed to the assigned seat indicated on the ticket. No seat-swapping is allowed.  

    Students should practice social distancing during the entirety of the program, which includes entry into the venue. The campuses will provide face masks for graduates.


    Buses for graduates will be avaialvlbe for those who wish to take advantage of that service. The meeting for buses will be at Lancaster High School. Students will begin boarding buses promptly at 1:30pm. Buses will arrive at the front of the school and graduates will have to register to ride the bus via survey. The survey will be used as a permission slip and waiver; this will also generate a list of graduates permitted to ride the buses. Each bus driver will be provided a list and only graudates whose names are on the lists will be allowed to ride the buses. At 2:15pm, all buses will depart from Lancaster High School. At approximately 2:45pm, buses will arrive at Globel Life Field and graduates will go through checkpoints to enter the seating area. They will then be directed to the appropriate seats.

    Important Information for Family Members, Guests, and Employees

    Every person who enters the venue and occupies a seat must have a ticket. No ticket means no admittance. The only exceptions are for infants and children who are small enough to sit on an adult’s lap during the entire ceremony.

    Family Members and Guests of Our Graduates

    Family members and other guests may arrive up to 60 minutes before the ceremony begins.  They must use the SOUTHWEST entrance and present their tickets to gain admittance.


    Faculty and staff may arrive up to 90 minutes before the ceremony begins. They will enter through the WEST MARKETPLACE ENTRY and present their tickets to gain admittance.  Every employee should wear his or her LISD badge.

    Lasting Memories of a Special Moment: Photos

    LISD campuses will utilize the services of FLASH photography to capture the moment when each senior receives his or her high school diploma. Face coverings may be removed for the photo.


    Campus employees will dismiss the graduates at the end of the ceremony. While graduates are being dismissed, families and guests should exit the venue and go directly to their vehicles.  No congregating after the ceremony is allowed anywhere on Globe Life Field property. Families and graduates should make plans to meet at another location after the ceremony.