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2014 Reading, Math and Technology Summer Projects
All students currently enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten through 11th grade are required to complete a summer reading and math project. This will keep your child reading and will help him/her achieve more in the years to come. All students will be responsible for completing the projects of his/her grade. All projects will be assessed as a major grade the first six weeks of school. Projects are due the first day of school, August 25, 2014. 
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  2014 Pre K-4 Summer Project Brochure-English

  2014 PreK-4 Summer Reading Log-English

  2014 PreK-4 Summer Project Brochure-Spanish

  2014 PreK-4 Summer Reading Log-Spanish

  2014 Grades 5-6-7 Summer Project Brochure-English

  2014 Grades 5-6-7 Summer Project Brochure-Spanish

  2014 Grades 8-11 Summer Project Brochure-English

  2014 Summer Reading Nonlinguistic Rubric

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Study Island Technology Projects - One option is the use of Study Island at selected grade levels. Assistance is available from the Study Island website at or at 1-800-419-3191.
A student user name for Study Island is the student's first name with the 5-digit local id number dash lisd. (Example: Tony12345-lisd) The password for K-12 is abc123.
  • Belt Line Elementary - first12345-lisd
  • Houston Elementary - first12345-lisd
  • Lancaster Elementary - first12345-lisd
  • Pleasant Run Elementary - first12345-lisd
  • Rolling Hills Elementary - first12345-lisd
  • Rosa Parks Millbrook Elementary - first12345-lisd
  • West Main Elementary - first12345-lisd
  • G.W. Carver 6th Grade STEM Learning Center - first12345-lisd
  • Lancaster Middle School - first12345-lisd
  • Lancaster High School - first12345-lisd - password:
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Other online technology project options for elementary students.
This site does not require a login or password.
This site does not require a login or password.